Snow Leopard upgrade: 3rd party log-folders in /var/logs cleanup

30.August 2009 – 14:17

One year back when I upgraded my iMac from Tiger to Leopard, the pimped-personal-websharing apache I used for svn access failed big time to launch because the svn libraries were incompatible to Leopards more recent build.

Last years fix was to get rid of most of the third party stuff and simply create an additional subversion-server-only apache configuration.

Upgrading to Snow Leopard gave me a unresponsive machine with rapidly increasing process ids again. A quick look in the console revealed tons of messages like:”org.apache.httpd.svn_instance[3761] (2)No such file or directory: httpd: could not open error log file /var/log/apache4svn/error.log”

So fortunately instead of a binary incompatibility the system upgrade simply “cleaned” the /var/log directory and with it my /var/log/apache4svn directory, and recreating the directory brought apache up again.

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